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The Tapestry of Life

The deeper I dig the more threads I find. The more threadsI find the more I see them connecting to each other in odd ways. I am being shown a tapestry of life. Except it isn’t hung on a wall it is buried deep inside by subconscious. To say this simply I don’t know what I didn’t know and I still don’t know everything, so I have to keep learning. Keep uncovering the tapestry. Once you brush away the dirt the beauty is simplistic. Everything we experience in our lives has put threads in the tapestry but how they are organized and the picture they paint is up to us. A divorce might be a bright flower. An accident might be a ray of light shining on us. The event isn’t what shapes the tapestry of our lives but the things we take away from them do. One person could be handed a spool of black thread and create a dark tapestry another may take that thread and create shadows the bright sun casts on their lives. They could have experienced the exact same event but chose to use it differently. That is the beauty of our nature. We decide what our tapestry of life will look like and whether you realize it. Or not much of the thread is given to us bu our choices also. I can sight a very good example. I was given a big spool of black one day back in 2017. I had a little too much (note a little means a lot, don’t we always try to minimize our flaws?) to drink and got behind the wheel of a car. By the grace of God I didn’t kill anyone but the ride didn’t last as long as I anticipated. This could have been big black splotch on my tapestry but instead it became a bright beam of sunlight shining on my world that made me see the big flaw I was denying. That was the last day I took a drink of alcohol. That spool of thread became shadows. Nothing more. They are there to remind me of the light that shines on me every day. It shines on you to if you look for it. Start today to shift your thoughts to creating the most beautiful tapestry of life.

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