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Murphy was an Optimist?

I saw a poster the other day that said Murphy was an optimist. There were a list of things that Murphy said. But the one he is most notable for is “anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. Well that doesn’t sound very positive does it? I mean who want so think about what could go wrong. We all want to focus on what could go right. There is that perfectionist in us shining brightly. Even our motivational quotes ignore the negatives. With sayings like. What if you couldn’t fail or Focus on the positives. That’s all great as long as we never actually fail which we will and the bad stuff never happens which it invariable does. This sin’t to say we can’t have a positive disposition and confront the negatives to turn them to our advantage. And I believe that is what Murphy was trying to tell us. Expect things to go wrong. The world is an imperfect place and we have to be the ones to turn it in our favor. The story of Edison’s ten thousand failures while inviting the lightbulb is a great example of both Murphy’s law and or a positive attitude. Edison new it was possible! He didn’t stop because he failed a couple of thousand times. He persisted and today as I type this his invention is lighting the room. Where would we be if Edison had let one thing going wrong stop him? Where would you be if you don’t let things going wrong stop you?

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