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I Don't Have to do it Today

This morning was a challenge for me (Mike) The weather forecast last night was for potential thunderstorms all day. I went to bed with the mindset that I was just not going to get to kayak today out on the lake. When I got up this morning and looked outside all I saw were these clouds and a gloomy day. I went about my normal morning rituals. Walk dogs (it wasn't raining) eat my breakfast and journal for at least 300 words a day ( I let it ramble if it comes to me). Then a Facebook post to share some inspiration followed by 15 minutes of meditation and reading at least 20 minutes (again if it's really good I let it flow). This takes be to some time around 7:45 to 8:15 which would be the time I throw in my personal flotation device grab my paddle and heada to the lake for my every other morning row.

But today as I said that was off the schedule. Until Joan looked at her weather and said that they are predicting no rain until 3 PM. That was all I needed!!

Got it together and was in the Kayak by 8:11 and put in a good 3.69 mile paddle in 1 hour and 9 minutes. Here's the thing.

The winds was about 8 MPH and the lake was showing that. It was choppy but I know my kayak can take that since it is a pretty wide and stable kayak.

Here is the upshot. What I thought was going to be a wasted day with no paddle turned into the best paddle I have had yet!

Don't try for perfection just try to be better today that you were yesterday.

And don't compare your winter with someone else's summer. Getting good at things takes time and effort not envy.

Be well and Be Blessed


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