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Are You Hiding From Success

We hide our flaws but often fail to realize they are on display for all to see. Nobody is ever going to publicly call you out on them unless they are very close to you and even then they might not for fear of backlash. But if you were to ask 100 people in your circle what is your biggest weakness there is a good change the ones who would answer would hit your trouble spot dead on. If you are aware of it this won’t come as such a shock but if you weren’t thinking about the flaw they see this could be a tough blow to your ego. But all the same it is their perception of you and while most people look at us through their own eyes when there is consensus on an issue you can rest assured that it is a prominent feature in your life. How can I say this> Well it was once well pointed out that if a very large group of people entered an ice cream shop to share a sundae, the consensus would be vanilla. In other words they would. All remove their taste to capitulate to the crowd. But one on one there would be less compromise on the choice of flavors. One will usually yield to the other. Don’t be ashamed of where you are in any aspect of your life. You put you there. If you aren’t happy with something change it. At this point more than half of you are saying one of two things. Yea But or Easier Said than Done right? Yea but is the beginning of an excuse for inaction and easier said than done is the implementation of the excuse. It’s too hard!! When it’s hard that is where the most reward is. Anyone who ever ran a marathon felt it was really hard the first time they thought about it. But they began to change to make it easier. It’s still hard but not many of them ever say. I’ll never do that again. They look toward the next one and how to make it easier. End your excuses for not fixing your flaws. Go through the hard part. It will pay off.

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