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Acceptance isn't being resigned to it!

This morning I journaled about Acceptance and Resignation I then meditated (I am still not really good at it but keep trying) and then I went for my morning walk. I listened to a book titled The Untethered Soul. And right there in the second mile of my walk was the chapter about this exact same subject! Almost as if I put it there for m

y mind to see. I had to write a quick blog about what I thought and what I heard today since they meshed so well. I hope it give you something to think about.

Two words that often get confused are acceptance and resignation. Accepting that something happened isn't the same as being resigned to it. Therein lies the issue with being told to accept something for what it is, we think what if I don't like it? This is where the distinction between the two being to seperate.

Accepting what is or what happened does not mean you have to like it, love it or hate it. Those are emotional states and they eventually pass. unless we cling firmly to them. When we accept something we see it as it is not as we want it to be. Let's go simple. You wake up0 and the weather forecaster was wrong. It's pouring rain outside. Acceptance is to look outside and say okay it's raining. The rain isn't good or bad, it has the value you assign in. The rain is just going to happen. You could not accept it and go to the beach anyway, but that will be futile. You cold accept it and then resign yourself to a day of laziness because well it's raining. Or you could accept it and find an alternate adventure that might limit your time in the rain but still stimulate you.

We don't have to be resigned to everything we accept. But accepting it will make it easier to find a way to deal with it in a thoughtful productive way.

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